attraction and events

  • Relax and Rejuvenate

    Relax and Rejuvenate in the warm Caribbean Sun of Belize. You will feel healthier in the warm sun, eating the great fresh foods, swimming in the warm Caribbean Sea. Read a book in a hammock or take a walk on the beach of your own property. Its here where the peace of mind begins. Tropical breeze days and star gazers nights make it hard to leave. Most people come back to replenish or retire. Belize also offers many types of adventure for the explorers.

  • international cuisine

    Belize offers some of the best dining experiences in the Caribbean. The most popular areas to dine are where the nicest beaches are, and Belize has many. Chefs from all over the world come to Belize and create amazing dishes for all different palates. Belize offers fresh meats, fish, fruit and vegetables making wonderful taste and textures. Wines and spirits from Belize and afar are definitely part of the dining experience.


  • OCean Breeze

    With the Second largest barrier reef in the world marine life is a large part of Belize.
    Hol Chan marine reserve is like swimming in a giant fish tank. Or for the ultimate dive take a boat to the Blue Hole. Scuba, snorkel, fishing around the many Cayes of Belize.
    Imagine your own home on the Caribbean Sea side. Whether on the mainland or on one of the many Islands/Cayes, it very affordable.

  • Real Estate

    Real Estate in Belize is still affordable. We offer all types of properties and for every budget. Gated or not, big or small, you will wonder why you did not do it before. Belize is just being explored and discovered. The time is now before the rest of the world discovers what we already know. Contact me with your details and we will help you find what we already did, a piece of mind.